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Many of today’s roofing products are designed to last a lifetime. A proper underlayment adds 20+ years to a roof’s life, and a good roof/attic venting system can also extend the roof life (and prevent destructive condensation problems)!

Today’s long life roofing products require great care and installation knowledge. A good caulk seal does not last decades, so it is very important to have a properly installed roof that does not depend on caulking.

Roof/attic ventilation is so very important to allow accumulating frost/ice that builds in the winter to sublimate, and disappear. Insufficient attic air movement is a cause of 'rain in the attic' when frost/ice build-up is not evaporated before Chinooks come.

Open Valleys are the commonly accepted roof valley treatment. This is not our recommendation, as sealants eventually dry-up and allow water penetration. We believe in the longevity of a properly installed 'closed (or woven) valley'!

Proper shingle installation is so important. Shingles that have fasteners well above the designated 'nailing strip' will allow lifting shingles to easily tear around the nail heads, and can become kites that create potential for massive connected areas of shingles that are still sealed one-to-another to blow-off in large sheets (see example). This last example also illustrates the importance of a good underlay in the event of a strong hail storm and/or hurricane force winds on a poorly-installed roof... If the install is not done properly, even winds well below hurricane force will result in shingle 'blow-offs' and roof sheathing exposure!

 Most attics have condensation issues to deal with. Proper attic venting systems can help to prevent this.
Water/Ice collects in valleys - pushing under shingles. Closed or 'woven' shingled valleys will prevent this. 
Many installers re-nail through the old nail-hole... This action decreases gripping ability & lifting occurs. 
Large Vents/Flashings should be double-shingled... shingle under the vent, install vent then shingle around vent. 
Eaves-metal can prevent deck rot... so inexpensively! Ice damming prevention is so very important 
Roofers should always look at 'other' causes for roof issues! ... tar does not always fix problems! 
Open valley without an underlayment is 'double trouble'! Ridge venting should NEVER be installed where snow or ice accumulates, as these are 'raised' roofing products!! 
  Underlayments give an added degree of confidence. 

The roof protects the entire house. An improperly installed roof can allow water to get into walls as well as into the attic. Insulation can get ruined, mould can grow, the very foundation can become deteriorated. Roofing should be a ticketed industry that requires inspections for correct flashings, attic ventilation, roofing product installation, etc. In the early 1980's we recognized the importance of accredited training and we went to Edmonton to present our views; but after many months we could see that we had neither the power nor the know-how to effect these changes. At that time the principal roofing products were organic 15-year warranty products. Today the main roofing products are inorganic LIFETIME products, and it is even more important to have certification of the installers and inspection(s) to ensure capable, knowledgeable installations.

Aaron Roofing & Skylights Ltd. takes pride in the fact that we inspect our jobs upon completion, we educate our installers, and we offer lifetime warranties on roof and/or skylight installations.