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We are a family-owned and managed business, and we strongly believe in the advantage of 'the hands-on control of a small business'!

Our work helps to define us, and our problem-solving skills helps to illustrate our humanity. 

I’m David Swartzenberger. I was born on January 26, 1944, and I was 13 when I began roofing on school holidays for my brother-in-law’s construction business. Upon successful completion of first year Engineering at the University of Alberta, Calgary in 1964, I decided to make Roofing my career choice. I was always experimenting and inventing tools for the trade and I enjoyed the work. I designed a tool to simplify placement of shingles; once shingles were placed it was necessary to seal the shingle tabs, so I designed equipment that could be carried like a backpack and with a hi- pressure air system the required adhesive was easily placed. I designed a materials handling container for delivery of roofing materials to a jobsite by rolling the container from the truck onto a ‘3-piece snap-together adjustable stand’. Once emptied, the old roof could be thrown in, making it a ‘dump-box’. Simply adjusting the four jacks, allowed the container to roll back into the truck; at the city landfill, unlocking the container allowed it to roll on the track wheels until two hooks made contact with the roll-bar ‘dumping’ its contents, and because the centre of gravity changed, it would stay in the dump position until it was pulled down.

October 11, 1980 I married Sharon Moore, and we raised four wonderful children... Our eldest was Catherine Anne, then Erin Doris and Ian Arthur, and finally Russell Patrick – our youngest blessing. Sharon was my business compliment, and together we helped many people to set-up and to operate their own roofing businesses; Sharon looked after the home office and all of us. During the early 1980’s we had a problem finding competent help. It was a common practice to entice sub-contractors away from other companies, and we didn’t want to do that. Sharon and I started a two week training facility for people wanting to get into roofing. We rented a large warehouse and built modular roof structures that could be placed together to create roofing challenges. These structures were covered with one inch ‘soft board’ allowing easy removal of materials for re-use. At the end of a two-week period we realized superior installation from these trainees compared to the work done by many of our experienced installers. We trained students in the installation of the different types of asphalt shingle, cedar shakes & shingles, and lightweight concrete tiles. Once we had the number of installers that we required, we shut down the ‘training centre’. Our work was considered to be of superior quality in the industry.

My son Russell Patrick and I work together today, to manage Aaron Roofing & Skylights Ltd. (operating since 1989), and to raise workmanship standards. We have been recognized for our work in the industry with a 2013 and 2014 roofing excellence Top Choice Award and we are currently an A+ accredited member of the BBB. We are working to solve the problem many home owners have of finding competent trades people. We are setting-up a website that home owners can visit to find Accomplished Renovation Contractors. I hear about this problem from many of our customers. We plan to set-up a facility to enable people to view profiles & customer comments. Our goal is to offer qualified inspectors for inspection of completed work - prior to payment in full, and to do 'follow-ups' 6 and 12 months later. There are many competent and qualified trades people who are in their comfort zone 'doing the work', but do not have enough time or energy to deliver quotes, sign contracts, collect and do the banking, or to do the record-keeping and books. The 'ARC Trade Centre' can do this for them, as well as addressing any customer problems & concerns. I believe that we are on this planet for a short time to find and to address problems... and to fix them, if we can.

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My two sons help me to run the company. My son Ian (HELL or HIGH WATER) has taken many SAIT courses and has helped me with many framing and plumbing issues.

My other son - Russell (identifying Ian as the 'second-in-command'), has also taken many construction courses and works full-time with me to run the company.

We are truly a 'family-run-business' with old-fashioned virtues and beliefs. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and company teamwork keeps everything running smoothly.